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New Cosmetic Raw Materials Hygiene Administrative License
       1. Project NameNew Cosmetic Raw Materials Hygiene Administrative License
  2. Enactment Basis
  3. The following documents are required for first time application
  According to < Regulations of the Health Ministry of
  (1) Application Form of
  (2)Research Reports
  . The background, process and related technical documents of the research of the raw material.
  Å. The resource, physical and chemical properties, chemical structure, formula and molecular weight of the material
  ‰. The usage purpose, basis, range, and dosage limit of the material in cosmetic.
  (3) Quality standard(including test methods, purity, impurity content)
  (4) Production process and Diagram in brief
  (5) Toxicology and Safety Evaluation Documents
  (6) Certification of agency agreement needed if apply through agent.
  (7) Any documents that might be helpful for evaluation.
  All above documents need 1 original and 4 copies. 1 sample of the material required.
  4. Application proceduers and timing
  Procedure  Excutive Department                                               Timing         
  Acception    SFDA Administrative Acceptance Service Center         5 working days
  Evaluation   SFDA Health Food Evaluation Center                                90 working days
  Approval      SFDA                                                      20 working days
  5. ChargesFree of charge.
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